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Welcome to the Savvy Kernow and C-CARD Scheme services area

In this area all services involved in Savvy Kernow/C-CARD can log-in and access all the tools/support needed. 

If you aren't currently involved with either Savvy Kernow or C-CARD but would like information contact us to find out more.

If you're a Savvy/C-CARD service but don't have a log in then let us know and we'll sort it right away!

Savvy Services

Our aim is simple: to support services throughout Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly to support the reduction of health and social inequalities, improve the health and wellbeing of young people and build resilience. We do this by helping services to understand what young people need and how to put policies and procedures in place to meet those needs.

At the same time we want to ensure that young people aged 13-19 (a period of transition towards greater independence) are given advice and support about their health and know how to access services effectively and with confidence. 

Making sure your service is Young Person Friendly can help encourage young people to seek early advice about health and wellbeing issues, including sexual health, skin and musculo-skeletal problems, weights difficulties, bullying, self harm, suicidal feelings, smoking, alcohol and drugs issues by: 

  • enabling young people to feel at ease
  • ensuring young people feel accepted and heard
  • creating a welcoming environment
  • respecting confidentiality unless there is a safeguarding concern
  • involving young people in participation and co-production activities

Savvy Kernow Introduction Video for Services

Why choose to be a Savvy Young Person Friendly Service?

Involvement in Savvy Kernow Quality Standards is entirely voluntary. Savvy Kernow accreditation demonstrates your commitment to the health and wellbeing of young people, and helps you to 'place' young people within your service. 

We believe that wellbeing work with young people is about their involvement in service design and delivery, as well as service provision. 

By respecting and involving people who use services, and addressing safeguarding, the Savvy Kernow process will add value to your servce. Savvy Kernow promotes continuous improvement and can help you to provide evidence for CQC and, for some services, Ofsted. 

Savvy Services Handbook

Download a copy of the Savvy Services Handbook (large!) 

C-CARD Services

c-card logo

The C-CARD database has now transferred over to Savvy Kernow, C-CARD services can now login to order stock, log registrations/distributions and change service details. 

C-CARD Introduction 

Services Login