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Snapchat now store and use YOUR selfies!

Date: 3 Nov 2015

So you thought your Snapchat selfie was temporary?.............Guess again!


The biggest selling point of using Snapchat is that the pictures you share only last for a few seconds (unless your friend screenshots it, and even then you get a notification to tell you they have)…but this isn’t actually true!


Firstly…nothing is temporary! The messages you send are never truly ‘gone’ - it’s very rare that anything is ever truly deleted when it comes to digital technology.


Not only that but now with a change to Snapchat’s privacy policies they reserve the right to use your photo…yes…YOUR photo for just about anything they like! In fact just by using the app you consent to Snapchat using your photo, video, name, likeness and voice anywhere in the world, without restrictions, on any type of media or distribution channel………forever!


So that temporary and private photo you take isn’t so temporary, and isn’t as private as you may have thought - Definitely something to think about before you next send that Snapchat selfie.


What are your thoughts on the new privacy policy? Is this an invasion of privacy? Will you still use the app? or does this go back on everything that used to be so great about Snapchat in the first place?

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