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Young People Should Have More Control Over Their 'Digital Tattoo'

Date: 31 Jul 2015

Internet rights campaigners the iRights Coalition have stated that young people should be allowed to delete embarrassing social media posts and have a lot more control over their online presence.

It is a concern that any embarrassing posts, tweets or pictures put online by young people could have a negative effect on their future career or getting a university place.

To combat this the iRights Coalition have set out a series of rights they believe young people should be able to expect, for example the ability to easily delete and edit content that they have posted online.

This subject follows on from some high profile cases of teenagers or adults suffering due to online activity they took part in during their younger years, for example Paris Brown lost her job as the Youth Police Commissioner for Kent because inappropriate tweets from 4 years previous were made public.

Another recent example is that of Mhairi Black, she’s Britains youngest MP at the age of 20 but was recently ridiculed about tweets she sent in her teens complaining about her school.

The government have stated they will be setting up a task force to look into the protection of children’s digital rights in the autumn months.

Until such a time it’s always important you keep a watchful eye on your ‘digital tattoo’, for more information on 'you and your digital tattoo' click here

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Do you think more should be done to combat this issue? Should young people have more control over their online presence? Would you feel safer knowing you could permanently delete a picture or post you regret?

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