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RT @hgaycornwall: The sooner you find out whether you have HIV, the better it is for your health. If you have HIV for a long time without…
12:21 22nd November

"NHS offers smartphone GP appointments" Thoughts on this? Would this make you more likely to talk to a doctor?…
10:00 7th November

When #Whatsapp goes down.........................................#noooooooo

11:12 3rd November

RT @NHSChoices: Low self-esteem affects most people. But when it becomes a long-term problem, it can be harmful: #T
11:06 3rd November

"Google 'drops everything' to fix burger emoji": You can't argue that the build of that bu…
08:25 30th October

RT @TheComedyHumor: RIP to all the Nintendogs who haven't been fed since 2007

03:01 30th October

RT @StopSmokingCIOS: Our live Q&A has started! Just drop us a tweet with any questions you want answered, or any specific advice or tips yo…
11:48 27th October

RT @StopSmokingCIOS: Got your questions at the ready? Our live Q&A is less than an hour away! #Stoptober #Cornwall #StopSmoking https://t…
11:19 27th October

"Stealthing" is a term for when a man removes a condom during sex despite agreeing to wear it rape?…
08:04 25th October

'Steep rise' in self-harm among teenage girls:
03:07 23rd October

Blog: 'Overwatch - A Game I'd Recommend to Any Gamer' #Overwatch #Gaming #Cornwall

06:03 21st October

Use your smile to change the world...don't let the world change your smile! :)

08:07 19th October

You never know what the future holds! #KeepMovingForward

08:06 18th October

If you ever feel unsure if someone is giving consent or what to, then just ask them! This way everyone knows where things are headed...
03:10 16th October

We're looking for young people to write articles/blogs for us? Know anyone that might be interested?…
06:03 14th October

A very good lesson on watching out for Fake News - 'The students that managed to fool the world":…
08:09 12th October

Last week we had a work experience student who during their time here wrote a few guest blogs! Here's the first:…
08:07 11th October

RT @HealthyCIOS: Share our video to let people know it's ok to talk to you about mental health #WorldMentalHealthDay @heads_together #reduc
12:40 10th October

RT @hgaycornwall: It's Monday...What does Monday mean?....#MondayManCrush! This week it's an all time fave - star of the new blade runner…
08:28 10th October

When #Anxiety starts to affect your life, and stops you doings things, it can be a real problem! Here's some help:
03:08 9th October

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