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Pooh knows!
10:30 30th March

LADS...Checking your balls once a month could SAVE YOUR LIFE! @ItsInTheBag #KnowThyBalls

10:00 30th March

Crumpets would be top!
06:15 30th March

RT @Supreme: When you forget what you said on your last snap

01:43 30th March

@_payno24 wahhhhhhhhhht.......never forget! Potter is life!
01:41 30th March

RT @_socialdrone: Beauty in every size.. it's time to be body positive #bodypositive @RespectYourself #confidence

08:50 30th March

What are we thinking about the #Glasto line-up then peoples? ...lookin'pretty sweeeeeeet or no? #Glastonbury

08:49 30th March

RT @HarryColes_7: glastonbury line up is dece so far
08:46 30th March

Right then guys.............thoughts on Facebook stories? Nice addition or will you be sticking to Insta/Snapchat?…
02:45 29th March

RT @UNILAD: Me sneaking things in the shopping trolley when my mum isn't looking

09:31 29th March

Women with endometriosis are not getting diagnosed quickly enough and treatment is "unacceptable", say MPs:…
07:10 28th March

Savvy Kernow is for young people and we want you to be part of it, we'd love to hear your ideas for the website:…
12:01 28th March

RT @guardian: Mass Effect: Andromeda – seven tips beginners need to know
11:04 28th March

We'd love to hear your advice you'd give other young people: career/interview advice, revision tips, college life h…
06:03 26th March

You got questions......we got answers! It's the perfect combo!

01:16 26th March

We've back in the blogging game! Keep up to date with our blogs on our website: #CheckIt
08:01 26th March

@hgaycornwall provide services/resources promoting good sexual/general health for men that have sex with men:…
10:03 25th March

Asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness!.........It's a sign of STRENGTH! #ReachOut @samaritans

10:01 25th March

First time you feel ready? #GetSavvy

11:01 24th March

Struggling with what 'Consent' actually means? Well...just think of it like you're making a cup of tea!
06:01 24th March

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