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11:02 19th January

I'm feeling sad...does that mean i'm depressed?

08:03 19th January

FREE STUFF! That's can get FREE condoms with the C-CARD scheme!!! #Cornwall

09:02 18th January

Got questions stuff? Well...we might just have the answers you're looking for:…
03:03 18th January

BALLS.......let's talk about #TalkingBollocks @ItsInTheBag

10:02 17th January

We all make mistakes...we're's how we learn from them that matters! Don't beat yourself up! Move on!

01:03 17th January

If you ever feel unsure if someone is giving consent or what to, then just ask them! This way everyone knows where things are headed...
09:02 16th January

We're looking for young people to write articles/blogs for us? Know anyone that might be interested?…
04:03 16th January

When #Anxiety starts to affect your life, and stops you doings things, it can be a real problem! Here's some help:
07:02 15th January

Worried about a friend you think may be self-harming? Here's some info on self-harm and how you can help:…
04:02 15th January

DRUGS.....feeling curious? That's fine! It doesn't mean have to take them! Get the facts:
10:02 14th January

LADS...Checking your balls once a month could SAVE YOUR LIFE! @ItsInTheBag #KnowThyBalls

05:02 14th January

STRESS.......I shake my fist at you, you jerk! Here's some tips on coping with stress:

10:01 14th January

Asking for help is NOT a sign of weakness!.........It's a sign of STRENGTH! #ReachOut @samaritans

09:02 13th January

First time you feel ready? #GetSavvy

07:03 13th January

Struggling with what 'Consent' actually means? Well...just think of it like you're making a cup of tea!
11:03 12th January

@moneyforlifeuk helps give you knowledge, tips and life skills needed to manage money most effectively: #MoneySavvy
08:03 12th January

You can download our leaflet about self-harm written with young people in Cornwall here:

09:03 11th January

10:02 10th January

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