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03:07 18th September

"You rule as you are; do you, please you and live for you" This woman shows how easy it is to fake weight loss pics…
06:01 16th September

'Stay Safe; Don't Send'
08:03 14th September

"Bereaved parents warn teenagers over meningitis risk": Contact your GP + get the vaccine -…
08:05 13th September

Struggling with what 'Consent' actually means? Well...just think of it like you're making a cup of tea!
03:08 11th September

@moneyforlifeuk helps give you knowledge, tips and life skills needed to manage money most effectively:…
06:02 9th September

A dynamic, stimulating + creative space dedicated to young people, The House Youth Project in St Austell is a youth…
08:05 7th September

Check out our blog article: Energy Drinks + Alcohol = Risky Combination: #Cornwall
08:07 6th September

This Tinder date from hell involves a poo, a woman wedged upside down in a window & the most embarrassing 999 call:…
03:25 6th September

RT @startswith_me: The amazing @Vicki_Vivacious is just one of the wonderful people helping out with our National HIV Testing Week shoot to…
12:55 6th September

RT @hgaycornwall: This week's #MondayManCrush...'s are @TomDaley1994 & @DLanceBlack for confronting homophobic bullying:
07:16 6th September

Five ways to stop you feeling rubbish about what you see on social media: @LukeIsNotSexy
03:07 4th September

RT @hgaycornwall: We absolutely loved this t-shirt at #CornwallPride! So much so that some of the team HAD to get a pic with the owner! #No
08:19 1st September

RT @BBCNewsbeat: Meanwhile, today in the wizarding world #19yearslater

08:13 1st September

RT @UNILAD: When your selfie hits 11 likes and turns from names to numbers

08:08 1st September

RT @CoppaFeelPeople: Don't pinch, don't punch, just CHECK YOUR BOOBS, it's the first of the month.
08:08 1st September

You can download our leaflet about self-harm written with young people in Cornwall here:

08:05 31st August

RT @stonewalluk: The #LGBTSurvey is an opportunity to have your say on what life is like for LGBT people in the UK today
09:52 31st August

Best transfer so far today - Myself United breaking their transfer record with a whopping £2.50 for coffee this morning! #DeadlineDay
07:24 31st August

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