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In case you didn't's bad for you! probably already know that smoking is bad for your health right?

And you probably already know it causes cancer, heart disease, lung disease and shortens your life span too?

But there are MANY other negative effects that smoking can have on your life, smoking can cause:

  •          bad breath
  •          yellow stained fingers
  •          smelly clothes and hair
  •          premature saggy and wrinkly skin
  •          rotting or stained teeth
  •          constant ‘smokers’ cough
  •          reduced fitness
  •          And many others

It is a fact that the younger you are when you start smoking, the more damage your body will suffer when you get older, in fact if a smoker starts in their teens they have a 1 in 2 chance of dying prematurely.

It's an expensive habit!

Another major negative to smoking is the COST! On average a smoker spends nearly £2000 to fuel their habit every year, just think of all the other awesome things you could buy with that money instead: A holiday, games console, TV, festival and gig tickets, the list is endless!

"I won't get hooked"...Are you sure?

Nobody that tries a cigarette for the first time thinks they will actually become a smoker, but even if you are just experimenting it is extremely easy to become ‘hooked’. So the best advice is to just say “NO!” don’t give in to the peer pressure, you may feel bad saying no now but you will feel a lot better for it in the long run.

Already a smoker? What are you waiting for?

If you are already a regular smoker then now is the time to quit! Did you know stopping smoking is the singular greatest thing you can do to improve your overall health? Even now you are becoming increasingly unfit, wrinkles will be starting to form around your mouth and you are spending a huge amount of cash that could be going on other things.

*Cough Cough*

Did we mention that not smoking will make you instantly more attractive? Your skin, teeth and eyes will all look clearer, you will smell a lot better and...most people much prefer kissing non-smokers.


Getting Help Locally

Stop Smoking Service Cornwall - Go for it, you've got nothing to lose and so much to gain...

National Support Websites

QUIT - QUIT is the UK charity that helps smokers to stop and young people to never start. 

NHS Smokefree - Sign up today for free, proven support – choose from email, Quit Kit, app and SMS.

Need someone to talk to?



SHAC - Sexual Health and Contraception

YZUP - Wise up to Drugs and Alcohol

Stop Smoking Service

Cornwall Healthy Weight

Ask PHIL - support, information and advice on local services

Sunsafe in Cornwall

ABC - Anti-bullying in Cornwall


Childline - a free 24 hour counselling service for children and young people

Samaritans - 24 hour confidential emotional support for people experiencing feelings of distress, despair or suicidal thoughts

Brook - free and confidential sexual health advice and contraception to young people

Kooth - free online support for young people

Think you know - internet safety and safe surfing for young people

Talk to Frank - friendly, confidential drugs advice

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