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How do we know it's bullying?

Bullying can mean many different things, and so it’s hard sometimes to know what is bullying and what isn’t. If something is done with the aim of upsetting or hurting someone else then that is bullying, this can involve many different actions such as: name-calling, causing physical harm to someone, sending hurtful text messages or spreading false gossip about someone.

It's not just physical damage being done

Bullying is a very serious thing as it can cause people to feel depressed, lonely and sometimes can drive people to feel suicidal. If you think you are being bullied you may feel as though it is your fault – this is not true! The best advice is to try to ignore the bullies as this will show them that they won’t get the effect of upsetting you they are looking for, and remember there is ALWAYS someone you can talk to, whether it is a teacher, school nurse, best friend, parent or a health professional.

Talk to someone

Bullying can also be part of other forms of abuse so it’s important that if you know someone who is being bullied that you tell someone about it such as a teacher or another trusted adult. 


Getting Help Locally 

Stay Strong - Amy Jones, having experienced bullying at a young age, created an 'awareness campaign' about bullying

National Support Websites

Bullying UK - Listening, supportive and non-judgemental

Childline - For information on bullying or to talk to a counsellor online

Kidscape - Advice for young people on dealing with bullying

Need someone to talk to?



SHAC - Sexual Health and Contraception

YZUP - Wise up to Drugs and Alcohol

Stop Smoking Service

Cornwall Healthy Weight

Ask PHIL - support, information and advice on local services

Sunsafe in Cornwall

ABC - Anti-bullying in Cornwall


Childline - a free 24 hour counselling service for children and young people

Samaritans - 24 hour confidential emotional support for people experiencing feelings of distress, despair or suicidal thoughts

Brook - free and confidential sexual health advice and contraception to young people

Kooth - free online support for young people

Think you know - internet safety and safe surfing for young people

Talk to Frank - friendly, confidential drugs advice

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