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 You can order a chlamydia test online and a test kit will be sent to you in the post.

What’s in the test kit?

 When you order your test, you pick which sample method you’d prefer. This helps to keep the kit small and discreet, as only the bits you need will be in it. The kits come in plain white packaging and are small enough to fit through your letterbox.

Inside you’ll get the sample method you chose and full instructions on how to collect your sample. There’s also a small form to fill in, a pen in case you need one to fill in the form, a condom and a map of post boxes in your area.

How do I return my test?  

Once you’ve completed the kit, make sure it’s sealed back up and pop it in your nearest post box. Posting it back is FREE.

How do I get my results?

 You will receive your results via the method you chose when requesting your test kit. You can also track your specimen and get results any time through’s tracking system

What happens if my results are positive?

 If your test comes back positive for chlamydia, you’ll be put in touch with services in your area so you can get treatment. Chlamydia is usually cured with a course of antibiotics.

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