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Young People Cornwall - Hear Our Voice

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We work with 11-25 year olds across the county, offering a shoulder to lean on and a safe, confidential space to talk about any issues young people might be facing. It’s all about making sure they’re comfortable and free to share, without being judged – so that together we can discover how they’re feeling and how to help. By simply being there to listen and steer conversations, Hear Our Voice builds young people’s emotional resilience, step by step – until each individual is ready and equipped to move on.

Through one-to-one sessions and group work, we offer up to 12 hours of support, before working out what’s next. This could be providing relevant up-to-date information, bringing in the right experts to talk to, or simply giving them the boost to jump the next hurdle – perhaps booking a doctor’s appointment or helping them navigate the different services out there, to find the one that suits them.

We have active links and partnerships with organisations, services and charities across the South West including fostering teams, schools and community nurses, specialist referral units and local authority locality managers so we can make sure young people have access to the best care and support when they’re ready.

We’re flexible and creative, encouraging young people to seek support in the way that’s right for them. From hosting a space where they can make friends and get used to normal life, to holding practical workshops that deal with common issues, our expert team understands what’s needed, what works and why. They’re all dedicated to exploring and providing the best opportunities for young people to find their feet, until they’re strong, confident and ready to fly.

Hear Our Voice is not a counselling service, therapist or psychiatrist. We listen; we talk; we help. It’s simple and it works – as the young people who we’ve been lucky enough to meet will tell you.

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