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Your Way Mentoring

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Young People Cornwall
The House
Carlyon Road
St Austell
PL25 4DB

Phone: 07948 322 070

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  • Your Way Mentoring works with Young People aged between 11-19.

    Changing schools, starting your first job, feeling lonely or worrying that everyone is judging you – growing up is full of challenges and even the smallest thing can seem like a massive hurdle. Which is why sometimes it can help to have someone you trust to call on, whenever you need them.

    From acting as a sounding board for problems, to helping identify solutions and discover new opportunities, our mentors provide consistent, continual support, for the young people they work with, giving a fresh perspective on situations while working together towards goals and ambitions.

    Mentoring is a supportive relationship to offer advice around a change or action they want to take forward with the support of a mentor, it is a voluntary relationship

    Mentors are volunteers with skills, expertise and life experience who offer their time to support Young People, we ask that wherever possible you are honest about what is working and what isn’t and turn up when you and your mentor make arrangements

    If you have any concerns about parental consent we can talk to you about this, but usually we would need to ask for consent for you to meet a mentor if you are under 18, however we would not share details about you meetings unless you asked us to.

    YPC Mentoring is part of the “Your Way” services being delivered in Partnership with Young People Cornwall, Xenzone-KOOTH, Penwith Community Development Trust and Volunteer Cornwall. “Your Way” services are now available across Cornwall, YPC Mentoring are one of the services being delivered to Young People as part of the “Your Way” Partnership.

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