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Savvy Approved Services Levels

Savvy Quality Standards - What do they mean for me?

Savvy works with services to make sure they are Young Person Friendly. This means that if you ever need any help or advice you can look for services near you that have been Savvy Approved here on the website.

Once a service has been Savvy Approved it means that service has met the quality standards so you can be sure that the following issues have been addressed:

  1. Confidentiality and Consent
  2. Child Protection
  3. Easy to access
  4. Welcoming Environment
  5. Staff trained on issues young people face
  6. Clear publicity
  7. Signposting to other services
  8. Involvement of young people in service design

Savvy = Young People Friendly Services

Any service that has been Savvy Approved promises that they will:

  • Respect your rights to talk to someone without anyone else knowing, this can be explained to you in their confidentiality policy;
  • Treat your enquiry confidentially even if they cannot help you themselves;
  • There will be at least one member of staff who has a special interest in young people's health;
  • Understand that you want to use the service when the times are best for you, this may for example be at lunchtimes or after school or college;
  • Understand that you may not want to wait in a crowded waiting room with everyone else from the town/village;
  • You can get up-to-date information about the health matters that concern you;
  • Want to know what you think about them, and how you feel they could improve their service;
  • Help find someone to help you if they cannot do so themselves.

The Savvy Levels

The Savvy Quality Standards have three levels...
Level 1 - Once a service has been Savvy Approved at a Level 1 you can be sure the service will be young people friendly
Level 2 - The level 2 quality standard builds on the level 1 to make sure services continue to improve their service for you

Level 3 - Once a service meets Level 3 you know that service has done everything it can to make sure you feel welcomed and supported. At level 3 the service will have met the quality criteria set out in national Department of Health paper 'You're Welcome – Making Health Services Young People Friendly'.

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